Dirshuni: Contemporary Women’s Midrash HBI Series on Jewish Women

Dirshuni: Contemporary Women’s Midrash HBI Series on Jewish Women

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A unique compilation of contemporary women’s midrashim.
Dirshuni: Contemporary Women’s Midrash, is the first-ever English edition of a historic collection of midrashim composed by Israeli women, which has been long-anticipated by multiple American audiences, including synagogues, rabbinical seminaries, adult learning programs, Jewish educators, and scholars of gender and religion. Using the classical forms developed by the ancient rabbis, the contributors express their religious and moral thought and experience through innovative interpretations of scripture. The women writers, from all denominations and beyond, of all political stripes and ethnic backgrounds, contribute their Torah to fill the missing half of the sacred Jewish bookshelf. This book reflects dramatic changes in the agency of women in the world of religious writings. The volume features a comprehensive introduction to Midrash for the uninitiated reader by the distinguished scholar Tamar Kadari and extensive annotation and commentary by Tamar Biala.

Tamar Biala teaches in various batei midrash, rabbinical schools, and adult education programs in the United States and Israel. She coedited volume one of the Hebrew-language edition of Dirshuni with Nehama Weingarten-Mintz and, in 2018, published volume two. 

Tamar Kadari received a B.A. in Hebrew Literature and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Midrash at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She teaches Midrash at Bar Ilan University and at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.