Designer Traveling Dreidel Menorah By Aviva Agayof Different Designs

Designer Traveling Dreidel Menorah By Aviva Agayof Different Designs

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This Dreidel Menorah has to be ordered in advance

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This unique traveling Menorah is made out of aluminum.
The individual multicolored pieces form the dreidel or when taken apart are 9 separate candle holders.
This modern Menorah is designed by very talented Israeli artist Avia Agayof.
Perfect for the traveling person, those without a display space, or anyone wanting a truly unique menorah.
Great as a bar / bat mitzvah gift or gift for creative people!

Dreidel Design Traveling Menorah. Here, style meets tradition! The Dreidel set combines the nine of candle-holders of the menorah with a dreidel to form a contemporary gift-set for anyone to celebrate Hanukkah. The modular design is ingenious and highly original. Made of lightweight anodized aluminum, the set folds away for safe keeping; and comes with a velvet pouch

size - 7.5 X 30 cm

Every Agayof piece is MADE in ISRAEL and ASSEMBLED in JERUSALEM and only by Avner Agayof, Menachem Berman or Avia Agayof. Agayof offers a LIFE TIME warranty for all its artifacts, a once-a-year complimentary maintenance service and complimentary cleaning, for each artifact.