Dear Rabbi, Dear Doctor - Volume 2 By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

Dear Rabbi, Dear Doctor - Volume 2 By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

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The renowned rabbi-psychiatrist gives straight answers to tough questions

Thousands of people rushed to get copies of Rabbi Abraham Twerksi's thought-provoking answers to a host of common questions in the first volume of Dear Rabbi, Dear Doctor. These responses, most of which were based on his successful column 'Seeking Solutions', have been featured weekly in the Hamodia newspaper for many years.
Popular demand has led Rabbi Twerski to compile this new volume, containing more questions and answers from the newspaper column as well as heretofore unpublished material. Rabbi Twerski approaches readers' perplexities multi-dimensionally. As a rabbi, he understands their spiritual aspirations and seeks to connect them to Torah-based solutions. As a psychiatrist and addictions specialist, he understands the human capacity for misperception and self-deception and
helps the reader achieve clarity about the real issues which often masquerade behind the presenting problem. As a descendant of an illustrious Chassidic dynasty, he flavors his answers with the intergenerational wisdom of sages who have guided, inspired and helped people for centuries.
Rabbi Dr. Twerski writes:
'In seeking a solution, the first and most important point is to clarify the problem. This often suffices to arrive at a solution. ... [My] responses to queries are generally geared toward helping a person look at the problem from a different perspective.'
Dear Rabbi, Dear Doctor 2 is sure to provide insight, strength and advice to every reader.