Dear Libby By Libby M. Kiszner

Dear Libby By Libby M. Kiszner

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Real Kids Raising Real Issues And Libby's Sound Advice
Jewish young people today face many stress points. Within the family, among friends, in the school, the larger society, and certainly within themselves, teens and pre-teens are seeking solutions to a host of perplexing concerns. From the popular column featured in Mishpacha Magazine comes Dear Libby, a timely compilation of questions and responses for kids about real life matters by author Libby M. Kiszner.
In the fast-moving fourteen chapters of Dear Libby, teen and pre-teen readers will discover a world of solutions for everyday issues which confront them, such as: How do I handle loneliness? What can I do when I feel my parents don't understand me? How do I tell my teacher I'm too scared to speak in front of the class? How do I stop my brothers from getting into my things without asking? How can I stop biting my nails? What do I do when I'm too scared to fall asleep at night?
A must-have volume for every youth and school library, Dear Libby's real life situations stimulate excellent parent-child discussions through helping kids identify with other kids.