Chronological Index of JEWISH HISTORY By Rabbi Mattis Kantor Codex Judaica

Chronological Index of JEWISH HISTORY By Rabbi Mattis Kantor Codex Judaica

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A Chronological Index of Jewish History Covering 5764 years of Biblical, Talmudic, & post-Talmudic History

By: Rabbi Mattis Kantor

  • 30 New maps (most full color)
  • 21 Charts
  • Much more information throughout Jewish history all the way to 2004

Put your arms around Jewish History. 

For most people five thousand years of history boggles the mind. So many names and places. Years and events. It can be overwhelming and confusing. This book with its clever and thoughtful organization is keenly structured to enable everyone to grasp the larger picture and to focus in on detail. 

Those familiar with this author`s previous history work (Jewish Time Line Encyclopedia) will recognize some of the features and of course history doesn`t change with time. 

However, don't be fooled. This is not just an updated re-run. This is a new book by Kantor, an experienced articulator of crisp and crystal-clear history. It is a rare type in history books because one could read a couple of entries before going to sleep, and not have the need to continue from the same spot next time. This book is chock-full of delightful snippets.

It is a browsers delight, and a student`s vital imperative. It is a scholarly work with a dazzling array of references. Skip over them if you wish (they are in small print) but the erudition is more than impressive. 

Oh yes. There are charts, graphics, plain maps, full color maps and antique maps. 

All these (and other) numerous features make this an important work that is bound to be a classic.