Chanie Goes to the Dentist By Rochel Levy

Chanie Goes to the Dentist By Rochel Levy

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Bubby nodded and said, "Chanie, dear,
I know this may not be pleasant to hear, 
But I think that a cavity is causing you pain. 
You'll have to see your dentist, Dr. Shain."

A cavity?! Horrible images passed through my head; 
My heart and mind were filled with dread. 
Would it hurt to have it fixed? What would I do? 
And what if the dentist found not one cavity, but two?! 

Fear of the dentist, and particularly of having a cavity filled, is quite common among many people, especially young children.The very idea of a cavity filling may cause children to think of all the scary "what-if" scenarios that could occur in such a situation. 

Of course this only serves to increase their fear exponentially. In Chanie Goes to the Dentist, written by the author of the popular Moshe Goes to Yeshiva, the "dentist fears ' that children like Chanie may have are quickly,calmly, and effectively laid to rest as the exact procedure of what occurs at Chanie's cavity-filling appointment is recounted and explored in a straightforward, child-friendly, and yes, fun way.Your child will love the book's rhymes and endearing illustrations,and before long will shed his or her "dentist fears," along with Chanie, too!

By: Rochel Levy