Chafetz Chaim - A Lesson A Day. Russian Edition

Chafetz Chaim - A Lesson A Day. Russian Edition

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The concepts and laws of proper speech arranged for daily study
Shmiras HaLoshon Yomi, the Hebrew program that was the model for this book, provides a convenient, methodical and accessible way to follow the Chofetz Chaim's advice.
Thousands of men and women worldwide have begun this five-minute-a-day learning program. They have seen how this small segment of learning makes an immediate, positive difference in their lives.
The Chofetz Chaim: A Lesson a Day provides this priceless learning tool for every Russian-speaking Jew
In abridged form, it presents an adaptation of two of the Chofetz Chaim's masterpieces: Sefer Shmiras HaLashon, his work on hashkafah (philosophy), 
and his comprehensive work of halachah (law), Sefer Chofetz Chaim, the work after which he is known to this very das
R. Shimon Finkelman, R. Yitzchak Berkowitz
Translated into Russian G. Spinadel