Bible Dynamics Genesis Contemporary Torah Commentary Bereishit Part B Toldot - Vayechi

Bible Dynamics Genesis Contemporary Torah Commentary Bereishit Part B Toldot - Vayechi

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Bible Dynamics Genesis Contemporary Torah Commentary Evolving Personalities and Ideas Bereishit Part B Toldot - Vayechi 
by Pinchas Polonsky  (Author), Betzalel Shandelman (Translator) 
Based on the teachings of Rabbi Y. L. Ashkenazi Manitou, Rabbi Kook and others
The Bible Dynamics commentary is a unique interpretation of the Torah, with an emphasis on demonstrating how personalities and ideas constantly evolve.Biblical personalities are traditionally perceived as larger-than-life, heroic figures, who surmount incredible obstacles to advance the world. And yet, little emphasis is placed on their own personal development. But according to the centuries-old Kabbalistic tradition revealed in our times by Rabbi Y. L. Ashkenazi (Manitou), the heroes of the Torah are evolving personalities who undergo profound change over the course of their lives, while acquiring new ideas and personal qualities through their ongoing dialogue with God.Some of the new ideas you will find in volume 1-b:•Isaac’s life as a process of “faceting” the attribute of Gevurah (power, might). The role of Isaac’s laughter in the process of giving the blessing to his “mysterious” son.•The evolution of Jacob’s personality: His integration of elements of his brother’s “Esau-ness” on his path to becoming Israel.•The role of Joseph’s and Judah’s development in the emergence of Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David. Joseph’s plan for correcting his brothers, and why he had to interrupt that plan without seeing it through to completion.Further details about the project can be found on the site: