Be like The Moon: a Chassidic memoir By Rabbi Levi Welton

Be like The Moon: a Chassidic memoir By Rabbi Levi Welton

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“A masterpiece!... I recommend this memoir to anyone looking for inspiration to make a difference in the world.” - Liliane Pari Umuhoza, Founder of the Women Genocide Survivors Retreat

A proud American blends memoir with a joyful cultural peek into his often misunderstood religious community.

Rabbi Levi Welton never forgot the day he was cleaning his guinea-pig hutch, only to turn and face a small contingent of stern Hasidic elders. While certain he’d broken some sacred rule, what happened next is just one of many lessons that taught the rabbi that heroism comes in all shapes and sizes, and wisdom often confronts us when we least expect it.

In this heartwarming coming-of-age story, Levi Welton offers a compelling insider's view, and a sense of humanity to what it was like growing up as a shy Hasidic boy in the radical shtetl of Bezerkely and being surrounded by a community of eccentric, colorful, and endearing role models and mentors.

On his journey from self-discovery to self-acceptance, Levi collects invaluable lessons about faith, family, success, death, and seeing the good in everyone through an assortment of funny yet inspiring stories—from adopting stray animals while in the Boy Scouts, to learning life secrets from a hippie in the Wyoming wilds. Along the way, you’ll watch as young Levi struggles to unite the often-fraught nature of secular society with his Hasidic culture, one of the most vibrant religious communities in America.

Be Like the Moon strengthens your faith in humanity by sharing wisdom that will speak to anyone, of any (or no) faith, who’s ever struggled with life’s weighty challenges. No subject is off-limits – addiction, depression, racism, and even a walk on the (atheistic) wild side! Yet running through all these is a powerful lesson—one about heroism:

You don't need superpowers to be a hero. You can change the world through the quiet impact you have on others through how you live your life.

It’s a transformative book, with insights on every page and an inspiring message of optimism, hope, and yes, heroism—minus the superpowers!


“Authenticity and love of one’s fellow man emanate from Levi Welton’s life and words. He calls for and exemplifies an integration of ‘distinct cultures fused together.’ This is a rabbi's call to personal greatness and one man’s honest and sincere reflection on the path of fully being both a Jew and a committed member of the human family.”

Rabbi Zalman Kastel, Founder of the non-profit Together For Humanity