Bank Robbers Don't Say Please By Barbara Tuckel

Bank Robbers Don't Say Please By Barbara Tuckel

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Bank robbers don’t say please, but we sure hope you do! 

Why do kids need to learn about manners, anyway? Meet Michoel, who tries hard to do things right but has a lot of amusing mishaps along the way.

Join him as he learns about…

  • Good table manners

  • Being a guest at someone else’s house

  • How to listen to others

  • Proper behavior at a kiddush

In this engaging guide, with its practical tips and easy-to-follow graphics, you’ll read, laugh, and learn along with Michoel.

Barbara Tuckel has a PhD in Speech Communication and works privately as a communications coach.

“With clear, amusing, and realistic examples, Barbara Tuckel invites young readers to
imagine, ponder, and digest important lessons, giving them tools that will enhance their relationships throughout life. This is a must-have, must-read treasure for every

—Sarah Chana Radcliffe M.Ed., C.Psych, author of Better Behavior Now!