Artscroll Stone Tanach: ENGLISH ONLY Mid size

Artscroll Stone Tanach: ENGLISH ONLY Mid size

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Product Description

Now - for English readers - a special edition of the Stone Tanach!
Includes many new and enhanced features.
Easy to read, understand, and apply to life. A treasured biblical resource for every home, school, and library.
All 24 books of the Bible in one superb English-language volume.
In a community where Hebrew is well-understood, an English Tanach is not needed.
But since 90% of today's Jews don't read Hebrew, an authentic and authoritative translation of the Jewish Scriptures is vital. The ArtScroll English Tanach may not be for you, but it is surely needed by people you know who may be far removed from Torah, mitzvos, avodas Hashem, and yiras shamayim. You may also find the ArtScroll English Tanach helpful to learning more unfamiliar portions of the Jewish Scripture, such as Navi. Join the Mesorah Heritage Foundation's "People of the Book Initiative" and help spread the light of Yiddishkeit through giving a copy of this Tanach to a Jewish family, student, colleague, or military serviceperson.