An Egg for Shabbat A Picture Book By Mirik Snir

An Egg for Shabbat A Picture Book By Mirik Snir

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Product Description

Every day Ben’s mom sends him out to fetch an egg from the chicken pen. But each day, havoc ensues and Ben comes back empty-handed. Until finally, just in time for Shabbat, he achieves his goal.

"Can a frolicsome boy carry an egg from the coop to the kitchen?
As the book opens, readers are greeted by a picture of a happy hen with a just-laid egg beneath the word Sunday. Mom, busy in the kitchen that morning, sends Ben to the chicken coop for that egg. Alas, Ben plays ball with the egg, and his cat licks up the mess. Understanding Mom responds: 'Oh, Ben, my dear. Oh, son of mine. / You learned a lesson, and that's fine.' Monday comes, and now two hens with two eggs are depicted. Ben sets off; again collecting one, he attempts to balance it on his head. (There is no seeming relation between the number of hens and eggs seen on pages announcing the days and the number of eggs Ben collects.) Alas, it falls, and the cat enjoys it. Mom repeats her mantra. The rest of the week follows, with one more hen and one more egg added to the mix each day. Each time, Mom stays busy in the kitchen, and Ben gets too adventuresome as he runs, skips, and trips with those easily breakable eggs. Finally, Friday arrives and Ben successfully brings home one egg, which Mom uses to brush on her braided challahs to 'make them shine.' Both sit down to a festive Shabbat dinner, and on Shabbat they rest. The humorous tale is told in rhyming couplets with lots of verbal repetition; some dialogue is in speech bubbles. Reds and blues are featured in the paneled illustrations. Mom and Ben have pink-tinged round faces with round red cheeks. The hens are colorfully adorned.
A celebration of Shabbat for the very young." ― Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Author Mirik Snir was born in Israel in 1948, during the Israeli War of Independence. A well-known Israeli author, she has published more than 100 children’s books. Mirik is a mother to nine children, a grandmother to ten, a writer-poet, and an elementary school and special education teacher.

Illustrator Eleyor Snir is Mirik’s daughter, the fourth of nine children. A professional illustrator, her unique style is composed of naive and vivid illustrations. Born and raised in Israel, she now works from her home studio in British Columbia on book illustrations, stationery products, ketubot and wall art.