An Audience of One And Other Stories By Sarah Shapiro

An Audience of One And Other Stories By Sarah Shapiro

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Once again, Sarah Shapiro demonstrates her keen eye and sensitive discerning heart. In a series of reflections on life, love, childhood, parenting, growing old, and many other areas of human concern, she helps us grow as Jews and indeed as human beings. The essays are short, the style is light, but there is much here to ponder. This is a volume that will enrich and inspire its readers.

–Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Sarah Shapiro has done it again. This is a book that will delight and inspire. It is insightful yet clever, thoughtful and fascinating, profound and yet entertaining. A must-read.

–Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

Sarah Shapiro’s writing is fine literature: profound, witty, and enjoyable. –Rabbi Nosson Scherman In these stories of spiritual transformation — her own and others’ — the author crosses worlds to find the truths we need to live fully.

–Sherri Mandell, author of The Blessing of a Broken Heart

When you want to get to know someone, the first place to look is their heart. The problem is that it isn't always easy to penetrate the many walls that surround a heart. Sarah Shapiro is gifted. She knows how to translate the language of the heart into entertaining, literate English. When you read her essays and stories, you end up richer. You have more people in your life, and each one of them makes it easier for you to not only know them but to know yourself — better than you did before enjoying what is always a great read.

–Rebbetzin Tziporah Gottlieb