Adina: My Design Sketchbook, By Yocheved Nadell

Adina: My Design Sketchbook, By Yocheved Nadell

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Product Description

Learn how clothes can be expressive and unique as well as dignified and modest. Design using 60+ stickers and 80+ starter sketches for your endless ideas. 14+ color fashion illustrations for inspiration! 14+ coloring figures for all levels to enjoy. 40+ color tutorial pages with easy to follow instructions. 110+ pages for hours of creativity and fun! How we dress speaks volumes about who we are. Personal style is a language that can be learned � but how ? Enter Adina�s Designs � a fun, powerful workbook that unlocks the mysteries of modern modest fashion, by empowering us with the skills to create real illustrations and designs. Using step-by-step tutorials, Adina�s Designs inspire creativity and self-expression, without compromising on dignity and self respect. Fashion designers of all ages will love creating with Adina�s Design Sketchbook. The younger ones will find hours of fun in coloring the pages and decorating with the stickers. The older ones will be thrilled with the results they achieve using the design and illustration skills they will learn in the easy to follow tutorials! Recommended for ages 8-100