A Labor of Love A Guide to Childbirth for Mind, Body & Soul of the Jewish Woman By Rachel Broncher

A Labor of Love A Guide to Childbirth for Mind, Body & Soul of the Jewish Woman By Rachel Broncher

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Product Description

A Complete Guide to Childbirth for the Mind, Body, and Soul of the Jewish Woman

Build a positive birth experience on a foundation of faith and understanding. Change your thinking about yourself, your birth, and pain. Understand how to unlock your potential as a Jewish woman and mother.

For each woman, the childbirth experience is unique and unpredictable. This is why, in anticipating birth, a woman experiences a myriad of emotions: excitement, apprehension, and fear of the unknown. With learning, understanding, and faith in Hashem (God), every woman has the potential to transform her birth into a gratifying and spiritual experience.

A Labor of Love is a comprehensive and invaluable guide that covers every important stage of labor and birth, with over 50 beautiful and helpful illustrations and moving birth stories. Rachel Broncher, a childbirth teacher with over 25 years of experience, combines vital information, practical guidance, and the timeless wisdom of our rich Jewish heritage to empower women to make their birth a labor of love.

It's your birth; be informed, be prepared, and be inspired.

Plus special sections:

    • Nursing – a comprehensive and helpful overview on all aspects of nursing
    • Health - information and insights on creating and maintaining good health
    • Exercise - illustrated exercise plan with clear instructions and techniques

The ideal gift for the expectant mother!

"A Labor of Love has cultivated this theme of hope and faith, inspiring women to strive for spirituality and a sense of renewal in their births. The author's message is one that every woman will appreciate." - Rabbi Levi I. Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe

"She has a very soft and gentle approach, a positive and encouraging attitude. Her book reflects all this by being very balanced, medically accurate, and informative." - Dr. Hava-Yael Schreiber, MD, OBGYN, Zir Chemed, Jerusalem

"Rachel Broncher helps a woman realize that, in giving birth to her child, she is a partner with the Almighty." - From the Foreword by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD

Binding: Hard Cover / 375 pages
Dimensions: 7 x 9 5/8 inches