A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice, By Isaac Klein

A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice, By Isaac Klein

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Product Description

This classic volume, by a leading halakhist of the Conservative movement, is a detailed and comprehensive guide to Jewish religious practice for home and synagogue.
The topics covered range from the laws of kashrut and the observance of Shabbat and holidays to such key events in life as birth, circumcision,
marriage and divorce, death and mourning. In addition, the volume includes full discussions, from the Jewish point of view,
of issues of current concern such as euthanasia, organ transplant, abortion, autopsy, artificial insemination, and women's rights.
Also included here are the decisions of the Law Committee of the Rabbinical Assembly on driving on Shabbat,
calling women to the Torah and counting women in the minyan.
All subjects are fully referenced for authentication and further study.
The volume will prove indispensable for anyone seriously interested in Judaism.
Rabbi Isaac Klein was the spiritual leader of Congregation Shaarey Zedek, Buffalo, New York, president of the Rabbinical Assembly,
a member of the Jewish Theological Seminary faculty, and the author of Responsa and Halakhic Studies as well as scholarly articles.
Published in 1979
Revised 1992