A Children's Omer Calendar: Shuli and Me: From Slavery to Freedom - A Storybook

A Children's Omer Calendar: Shuli and Me: From Slavery to Freedom - A Storybook

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Product Description

An Association of Jewish Libraries Notable Book for Younger Readers
From Egypt, Shuli and Me walks families through the Omer period (the seven weeks between Passover and the Feast of Weeks)
Because it is told from a child s perspective, the book engages children with the excitement and fears of escaping from slavery and experiencing freedom for the first time.
As the characters journey through the desert to Mt. Sinai, children identify with them, following their ups and downs and learning this uplifting biblical story.
While kids enjoy the story and beautiful illustrations, adults, whether parents or teachers, appreciate how easily this text becomes a teaching tool.
Closely based on traditional sources, the book includes references to the many biblical verses and rabbinic texts alluded to in the text and illustrations.
In fact, educators at the Striar Hebrew Academy of Sharon have integrated Shuli and Me into their Passover curriculum.
A wonderful present for any student or lover of the Book of Exodus, and a great gift for Passover or Chanukah,
the hardcover 7 by 9 inch book is durably bound for years of use.
Its print is large enough for a child to read comfortably.
With full-color illustrations and a numbered page for every day of the journey (including the blessing and Omer-counting formula for each day),
Shuli and Me is also the perfect child s first Omer calendar, and one that will involve the whole family.