40 Days of Caring Build The Habit That Builds Your Blessings

40 Days of Caring Build The Habit That Builds Your Blessings

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Product Description

A 40-Day Mission … Countless Blessings!

We all know the many blessings that come with shemiras halashon, with being careful with our words. Blessings of unity. Of friendship. Of healing relationships. Blessings of tranquility and satisfaction.

The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation has created a unique 40-day program to jumpstart our shemiras halashon and make positive speech a wonderful new habit!

40 Days of Caring includes:

• The “Daily Dilemma”: A short, relatable shemiras halashon scenario emerging from an everyday situation.

• “Growing One Day Greater”: A few brief paragraphs providing an insight into speech and its impact on our relationships.

• “Go for It”: A daily practical step for us to implement.

• “Look at It This Way”: A thought-provoking quote offering a new perspective on some aspect of ahavas Yisrael, shemiras halashon and better relationships. • A quote from one of the Chofetz Chaim’s original works • Plus! A special section of 120 true stories that bring the power of shemiras halashon and ahavas Yisrael to life.