Tzvi Gluckin - JEWISH ROOT SMUSIC - Inspirational CD

Tzvi Gluckin - JEWISH ROOT SMUSIC - Inspirational CD




Product Description

Songs: Yiram Hayam, Torah Ora, Ach Someyach, Alei Asor, Yerushaliam, Akachelo, Tzavei Yeshuos Yaakov,
B'hadras Kodesh, Alei Na'vel, T'Hay Hasha'ah Hazos, Midbar, Tzavei (Revisited), Alei Higa'yon B'chinor
Jewish Roots Music is the traditional music of the worlds oldest, most primal and funky people. Unadulterated Jewish jams and undiluted Jewish tribal sounds; music true to the sensibilities and tastes of the traditional Jewish community
Jewish Roots Music is in no way timid or afraid. It is music from the more intense side of the Jewish palette
True, it isnt a kick in the teeth like a barrage of blistering electric guitar madness, but listen carefully, a raging inferno burns below the deceptively mellow acoustic surface.
Jewish Roots Music is a collection of traditional grooves (toe-tapping, foot-stomping, good-time authentic Jewish grooves for the multicultural, ethno-experimental, world music aficionado) and desert jams (moody, introspective grooves perfect to listen to as you drive back to your home in the desert)
Jewish Roots Music features:
* Jared Sims on clarinet
Keala Kaumeheiwa on bass
* Fugan on percussion (all sorts of cool stuff including dumbek, frame drums, Egyptian tambourine and more)
* Tzvi Gluckin on guitar