The Redemption Haggadah: Commentary of the Dubno Maggid

The Redemption Haggadah: Commentary of the Dubno Maggid

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Throughout Jewish history, there have been many Maggidim, but the greatest of all was R' Yaakov Kranz, the Maggid of Dubno. 
'Even men of holiness thirst for your waters,' wrote the son of the Vilna Gaon.
The Maggid of Dubno's written words are also blessed with the power to impart his great wisdom and love of Torah. 
In honor of his 200th yahrtzeit we are pleased to present this special Haggadah which contains the Maggid's commentary published for the first time in English, alongside facing pages in the original Hebrew.
Mr. Menachem Silver, Hebrew and Aramaic scholar and former curator of Hebrew manuscripts at the British Museum, has graced this edition with his translation as well as his vocalization of the Hebrew commentary.
May this unique Haggadah enhance the Festival of Pesach for our readers and provide inspiration for the entire year