The Rebbe's Haggadah in Questions and Answers for Youth

The Rebbe's Haggadah in Questions and Answers for Youth




Product Description


Publisher: Rabbi Shneur Zalman Shanowitz
Format: 7" x 9½" Hardcover, 360 Pages
Language: Hebrew / English (Q&A - English only)

The newly republished Haggadah, doubles both as a beautiful state-of-the-art Haggadah, complete with Chabad minhagim and an easy translation, assisting students and adults in their study of the Rebbe’s Haggadah.

This year with a newly re-edited translation and students’ Question and Answer format, this task has become a lot easier and much more enjoyable. While the first part of the Sefer serves as a beautiful Haggadah – fit to grace the Seder table; the second section of the Sefer presents a totally reformatted student’s style Haggadah showcasing the wealth of the Rebbe’s Haggadah through more than 700 questions and answers! The Q&A format allows students to study, review and master the Rebbe’s Haggadah, with all the references quoted by the Rebbe (which have been brought and explained in the Q&A and in the footnotes).