The Navi Journey Shmuel 2 By Rabbi Ilan Ginian

The Navi Journey Shmuel 2 By Rabbi Ilan Ginian

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Product Description

The words of the Nevi'im, Prophets, come alive in this fascinating and astonishing series, combining midrashim and an array of other sources to explain the ideas expressed in the navi. The author, a well-loved educator, rabbi, and U.S. Army chaplain, created this series from his "living course" of the Book of Joshua which he presented while taking students on an ongoing tour of Israel to the sites discussed in the Navi. From the first page to the last, these books will expand and inspire the reader, revealing the true beauty and depth that Navi provides.

About the author
Rabbi Ilan Ginian was born in New York and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He learned in yeshivah and kollel in Israel where he received several rabbinic ordinations. Rabbi Ginian also acquired a counseling degree in Jerusalem, specializing in teens-at-risk. For over a decade he taught in one of the foremost Israeli educational institutions that catered to "at-risk" teens, developing an exceptional reputation for his successful approach. Upon his return to the United States, he earned his MSW and is currently the director of a teens-at-risk drop-in center, as well as a private counselor to individuals throughout New York state. Rabbi Ginian is also a lecturer in several yeshivos and synagogues, delivering classes in Navi, Gemara and Mussar.