The Malbim Esther anslated and annotated by Jonathan Taub

The Malbim Esther anslated and annotated by Jonathan Taub

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Beneath its veil of simplicity lies the hidden beauty of one of Judaism's most compelling tales, the story of Mordechai and Esther. Join the brilliant Torah commentator, the Malbim, as he unmasks the Megillah and reveals its profound and infinite wisdom.
Unmask the story of the megillah , the Book of Esther , with the brilliant and insightful commentary of the Malbim now available in English. His classic question and answer style analysis of the text uncovers fascinating layers of meaning, and adds greater detail to the plot of the Purim story. For example, the distinction between the text's usage of "Queen Vashti" and "Vashti the Queen" indicates a political power struggle between the King and the Queen over the legitimacy of the throne!
Studying The Malbim Esther is more than just an intellectual exercise in textual analysis; it is a revelation of the wealth and depth contained in the words of Torah. Your appreciation of Jewish scholarship, Jewish history, and Jewish holidays will never be the same again with this timeless classic written by renowned lecturer Rabbi Jonathan Taub, author of The Malbim Haggadah