The Kol Menachem Gutnick Megillah / The Book of Esther. By Rabbi Chaim Miller

The Kol Menachem Gutnick Megillah / The Book of Esther. By Rabbi Chaim Miller

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Product Description

Like the other popular Kol Menachem publications in the Gutnick Library of Jewish Classics, the Megillah brings the power and meaning of ancient miracles into our modern lives, by pairing the traditional text with clear, insightful commentary. Some of these ideas were penned in times of tragedy and turmoil, in the years the Holocaust raged; now they offer illumination and encouragement.
Above all the Megillah is groundbreaking as it represents the first running commentary on Esther drawn from the Lubavitcher Rebbe's talks, spanning over forty years. Elucidated by Rabbi Chaim Miller, compiler of the Gutnick Edition of the Chumash, deep and complex Hasidic thoughts soon come to life with astounding clarity.
But while the ideas are profound, the text is effortless.The Hebrew text is accompanied by a smooth, contemporary translation, and un"er the text are the "Classic Questions" and "Toras Menachem" sections.
The layout, too, brings reading pleasure. The Megillah's beautiful typography and layout have been designed by the Kol Menachem award-winning team.
The ornate, hand-tooled leather-style cover completes the luxury, making the Megillah an irresistible Purim gift.
Stunning typography by award winning designer.
Commentary is contemporary and relevant.
A delightful blend of mystical, historical, and religious messages.
Ornate, hand made, leather-style cover.