The Holistic Haggadah Traditional Commentaries by Michael L. Kagan

The Holistic Haggadah Traditional Commentaries by Michael L. Kagan

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How will YOU be different this Passover Night?
The Holistic Haggadah is a fascinating guide to the inner journey that Passover Seder evening offers us.
It is a daring commentary that challenges each of us to go down into our self-imposed Mitzraim (Egypt) and face our attachments and the false gods that confine us. It then beckons us forth to true freedom and a more meaningful relationship between ourselves and God.
Offering a contemporary spiritual commentary on the meaning of freedom and its relationship to serving God, this volume features the full traditional Passover Haggadah in Hebrew alongside an English translation and commentary. The book seeks to incorporate a holistic approach to Judaism, which activates the four worlds of the individual: the world of action, the world of emotion, the world of intellect, and the world of spirit. Ultimately, it illuminates for readers the treasures available to them within Passover and the yearly festival cycle, demonstrating the ways in which Passover can contribute to profound internal reflection and lasting personal change.