The First Hebrew Primer 30 Lessons for learning Biblical Hebrew

The First Hebrew Primer 30 Lessons for learning Biblical Hebrew

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By The First Hebrew Primer is a simple, straight forward guide to Biblical Hebrew.
Thirty lessons provide enough information and practice to enable you, with the aid of a Hebrew-English dictionary, to understand most biblical texts.
The goal of the Primer is to teach students to read and understand Biblical Hebrew as quickly as possible; therefore, the lessons emphasize recognition and translation - not memorization.
The thirty lessons incorporate: Verb, rammar, and spelling charts, vocabulary lists, oral reviews, exercises, stories, biblical quotes, Book of Ruth.
This revised third edition introduces several new terms and clarifies grammatical points, but will look the same to long-time Primer readers.
The key change we have made is the inclusion of new explanatory endnotes Many readers have expressed a desire to deepen their knowledge of Biblical Hebrew, but have unanimously endorsed the clear, uncomplicated tone of the Primer. We have responded by adding these optional supplementary notes. Students may read the notes to enrich their understanding of Hebrew grammar or concentrate solely on the main text. Either way, the Primer provides a sound foundation for more advanced studies in the Hebrew Bible.
Paperback. 401 pages.
EKS Publishing CO. 3rd Edition.
Dimensions: 0.8 x 8.5 x 11.0 inches