The Emunah Haggadah By Rabbi Levi Felsenthal

The Emunah Haggadah By Rabbi Levi Felsenthal

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Pesach can leave us gasping for breath. With so much to do, it is sometimes hard to tap into the magic of the Seder. Often, the most important ideas of the Seder are lost among all the explanations of the various parts of the Haggadah.

In his groundbreaking work, The Emunah Haggadah, Levi Felsenthal helps us transmit the central lessons of the Seder in a clear and refreshing manner. The Haggadah is no longer simply a text, but a tool to help inspire and share the very foundations of Judaism.

In these pages, you will find that the essential lessons of the Seder and Judaism itself are the central focus.

Emunah and bitachon become alive and real, making your Seder experience indeed magical.


“[F]ascinating, interesting, informative, and inspiring…”

—Rav Zev Leff

“My dear friend, a yedid ben yedid, has provided us with a guidebook to effectively make use of the Haggadah to teach emunah in a creative and intelligent way.”

—Rav Yitzchak Berkovits

“[I] was very impressed…your Torah scholarship comes through in living color.”

—Rav Yaakov Bender