The Bris Milah companion (with complete liturgy)

The Bris Milah companion (with complete liturgy)

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The ultimate guide for new parents and anyone interested in learning more about the mitzvah of Bris Milah - Ritual Circumcision! This all-in-one guide includes everything you need to know, plus all relevant prayers and blessings. Great for expectant parents, new parents, and a special memento for all your guests at the Bris ceremony. Includes: -A comprehensive introduction and overview of Bris Milah, chapters on Pregnancy and Birth, Shalom Zochor, Choosing a Name, and more. -All prayers and liturgy for the Bris ceremony in clearly set Hebrew, along with easy-to-read English transliteration and translation. -The entire Grace After Meals, with all additions. -The ceremony for naming a baby girl. -A selection of basic Jewish prayers for the child's early years.
Rabbi Zalman Goldstein is the founder of The Jewish Learning Group, a publishing house dedicated to creating easy-to-use guides on practical Judaism. He has written ten books, including the bestselling Shabbat Table Companion and Shabbat Synagogue Companion. His ability to blend sensibility and passion along with an authentic Jewish education has helped thousands live more Jewishly every day.