The Book of Esther With a Commentary by Rabbi Zamir Cohen

The Book of Esther With a Commentary by Rabbi Zamir Cohen

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The Scroll of Esther, popularly known as the 'Megillah', or Purim Story, is at once a saga of humanity's finest and basest elements, and the story of a holocaust that almost happened, yet, unlike its contemporary counterpart, ended in the miraculous salvation of the Jewish people. But beyond all of that, Megillat Esther is a timeless spiritual guidebook for the Jewish nation, and for every individual, revealing the secret of how to tap into the ultimate power of Divine miracle to survive and thrive despite even the most desperate challenges.

In this groundbreaking work, the Nezer HaKodesh ("Crown of Glory") commentary, Rabbi Zamir Cohen unlocks the Megillah's hidden depths, weaving classic Jewish Biblical, Talmudic, and Kabbalistic sources into an authentic and relevant commentary beneficial for both the seasoned scholar and the curious newcomer to Jewish wisdom. In addition, this volume includes a fascinating analysis of modern archeological and scientific research that uncannily confirms the ancient text's historical authenticity, as well as practical guidelines on how to reap the spiritual harvest of the joyous Purim holiday.

About the Author

Rabbi Zamir Cohen is one of Israel's leading speakers and thinkers. His broad knowledge of Judaism, Kabbalah, science, and contemporary culture attracts thousands each year to his seminars and presentations, and his frequent television and media appearances are widely viewed. In 2002 he founded Hidabroot, an organization devoted to promoting dialogue among spiritual seekers worldwide. The organization's website is a source of authentic Jewish knowledge presented with the latest multimedia technology, as well as a dating site for those interested in building a Jewish home. Rabbi Cohen has authored many books, including The Coming Revolution, a bestselling work reconciling cutting edge science and the ancient scriptures, Hidden TreasuresArchaeology Discovers the Hebrew BibleHappily MarriedThe Complete Guide to Successful Jewish Parenting, and numerous Hebrew works that are in the process of being translated.

by Rabbi Zamir Cohen