The Bnei David Haggadah: A Song of Ascents By Eliezer Sadan

The Bnei David Haggadah: A Song of Ascents By Eliezer Sadan

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The Seder night is not merely an occasion for a festive family meal. This is the night when the father transmits the historical faith of the Jewish People to his children. The retelling of the miracle of the Exodus is guided by the mitzvah Vehigadta Lebincha -- You shall tell it to your son. Thus, the chain of tradition is forged.
Eliyahu Hanavi -- who before the final redemption will reunite estranged generations of fathers and sons -- appears on this night. In the time of the Beit Hamikdash, extended families would assemble as required by Halachah to offer and consume the Pesach sacrifice. To this day Jewish families the world over come together to observe the Seder.
The reawakening of the Shechina draws us together on this night. In the midst of the family, the building block of our sacred nation, the light of the faith of Israel is passed from one generation to the next. We affirm our trust in Hakadosh Baruch Hu and our confidence in the ultimate redemption. On this night we proclaim in word and in deed that we are royalty, scions of Hashem, committed to the Divine purpose for which we were created: to sanctify His name in the world.