The Akkad Edition The Shaare Rahamim Sephardic Haggadah Hebrew English Commentaries

The Akkad Edition The Shaare Rahamim Sephardic Haggadah Hebrew English Commentaries


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Sephardic Haggadah with Translation and Commentaries
Sephardic Laws and Customs
Comprehensive Pesah Preparation Guide
Composed & published by Congregation Shaare Rahamim
When the Brooklyn Sephardic community first developed in the early part of this century, it was primarily comprised of Syrian-Aleppo Jews. In the past fifty years, there has been a great diversification in our community with the influx of Sephardic Jews from Persia, Egypt, Morocco and Baghdad, each sect having its own unique minhagim (customs). We are proud to present the Shaare Rahamim Haggadah whose primary purpose is to put forth and clarify the Syrian-Aleppo minhagim and traditions. The Shaare Rahamim Haggadah is a Sephardic Haggadah with an English translation and commentaries. Sephardic laws and customs, in the Syrian-Aleppo tradition, are included for each section of the Haggadah on facing pages of the text. In addition, we have provided a comprehensive guide of Pesah preparations including the halachot of kashering, the halachot of Bedikat Hametz, Biur Hametz, Bitul, Eruv Tavshilin and Erev Pesah laws. A section on Seder preparations, including applicable halachot, is provided as well. At Congregation Shaare Rahamim, we are proud to provide the Sephardic community with a number of Torah study classes on weekdays and Shabbat. Gemarah, Humash and Halacha classes are given daily. Through our Torah study programs and publications, we hope to reach out and educate the community while raising their awareness of our rich and glorious heritage.