Tashlich at the Lake Scene Large Vinyl Jewish ART Poster By Rivka Lmberg 36" x 36"

Tashlich at the Lake Scene Large Vinyl Jewish ART Poster By Rivka Lmberg 36" x 36"

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Product Description


Poster is a reproduction of original painting by artist Rivka Lemberg.

Tashlich at the lake. The symbolism in this oil painting brings it to life. A great shofar blower ushers in the holy day as people pray. The heavenly crown reminds us that Hashem is KIng and the scales remind us that every deed is weighed and measured. 

Rivka Lemberg grew up in the Bronx, a child of holocaust survivors, without grandparents or relatives.  She believes her imagination took root in her very early years, as she thought about what her parents had lost- and imagined life a bit more carefree—and definitely more colorful—than the Bronx apartment and neighborhood that she lived in.  Painting became the great escape. Basically, self- taught, Rivka’s art comes from within and she believes in telling a story as well as striving to evoke emotion. Her paintings often have deep symbolism hidden within, as she builds layers of meaning and invests a part of herself into each picture that she paints.  After a very long hiatus, as the obligations of raising a family took precedence over self- expression, Rivka has returned to her love of art. Originally, just meant as a hobby, it quickly grew into a full time endeavor as word spread about her paintings.  From there, the flame grew and now painting has become her almost-daily passion with requests for her artwork coming to her from people of all walks of life and even abroad.  In time for the coming holidays, Rivka has created vinyl reproductions of a few of her paintings that can beautify your Sukkah and enhance your Yom Tov.