Shalom Sesame 2010 #9: Countdown to Shavuot DVD

Shalom Sesame 2010 #9: Countdown to Shavuot DVD

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Shalom Sesame- All-new 2010 series
It�s Shavuot!
Avigail and Brosh want to stay up all night just like the grown-ups. Will they be able to do it? They will certainly try with a little help from a dancing cow!
SHALOM SESAME 2010 is a brand new series of 12 episodes from the creators of Sesame Street starring the loveable Sesame Street cast of furry pals, new friends from Israel and celebrities. Each episode introduces Jewish holidays, traditions and culture to viewers of all ages. Join Grover as he explores Israel, its people and places, and learns new things. Get ready to laugh and sing along in this next generation of the popular classic, Shalom