Shalom Alef Bet: A Pre-Primer for Shalom Uvrachah

Shalom Alef Bet: A Pre-Primer for Shalom Uvrachah

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Product Description

A new, sophisticated level of reading readiness instruction--letter recognition and a gentle introduction to the vowels!
In 96 full-color pages, your students will become familiar with the Hebrew alphabet's letters and vowels. They will practice single-syllable letter-vowel combinations and systematically practice letter-to-sound and vowel-to-sound relationships.
Goals of Shalom Alef Bet!:
Introduce the Hebrew letters and vowels
Demonstrate that Hebrew is read from right to left
Present single-syllable letter-vowel combinations
Develop simple decoding skills
Offer a basic cultural vocabulary
Prepare students for entry into Shalom Uvrachah
Special features of Shalom Alef Bet!:
Letters and vowels are presented in the same order as Shalom Uvrachah--offering a natural progression from pre-primer to primer.
Special exercises help students master specific letter-sound and vowel-sound correspondence.
New and innovative activities based on the latest research about foreign language phonics study accelerate letter recognition.
Picture cues link new letters to heritage words (shofar for shin, bat mitzvah for bet, haggadah for hey).
Tracing models reinforce Hebrew letters.
Cumulative review and practices activities allow periodic monitoring of student progress.
Interactive games (Rings, Bingo, Ladders) reinforce new material and encourage students' cooperative play