Rebbe of Bobov - Custom Framed Picture

Rebbe of Bobov - Custom Framed Picture

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Over the more than fifty years that Rabbi Shlomo was Rebbe of Bobov; he founded and built a vast network of synagogues, chasidic schools for boys and girls (yeshivas), High schools (Mesivtas) and post high school houses of learning. These institutions span the globe. At the time of his death in August 2000, he was mourned by more followers than his father had in pre-War Poland. His Hebrew date of death was the first of Av the same as that of Aaron the Biblical High Priest (Numbers 33:38), which was noted by many (and mentioned at the funeral by the Skulener Rebbe) for their similar characteristics of ""loving peace"" (Oheiv Sholom Veroidef Sholom - Loved peace and pursued peace) (Pirkei Ovos 1:12)
Dimensions of the frame: 12 x 10 inches