Qurious Space | STEM flash card game | Explore, Match, Quiz & Spin through the universe. Perfect for

Qurious Space | STEM flash card game | Explore, Match, Quiz & Spin through the universe. Perfect for

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Product Description

  • eady to explore the galaxy and beyond? Hours of portable, family fun. Play with up to 18 others. Develop social skills, spatial reasoning, memory, STEM interest and analytical logic. Perfect gift for space lovers, small fans and aspiring crew of NASA and SpaceX, aspiring astronauts, and star gazers of all ages. GAME INCLUDES:
  • 🌞 - Space speed matching game
  • 🌟 - Challenge memory game
  • 🌙 - Explorer matching pairs game
  • 🚀 - Photo trivia game

There has never been a more fun way to learn about our Solar System, Milky Way galaxy, and beyond. In this unique card game, players of all ages develop their memory skills to find matching symbols, learn trivia and facts about 72 different aspects of our universe and try to keep their laughter in check while playing Space oriented challenges of speed and creativity. Qurious SPACE designed for up to 18 consecutive players. Reading not required for all games. This set includes all 4 Qurious Space card games.

  • 🚀 [Educational] - Interactive, educational card game for the whole family. Great for explorers of all levels of skill, ages 3+. 4 games deliver hours of fun while teaching players about our universe including exploring the solar system, satellites, scientific discoveries, constellations and the history of human space exploration. Qurious helps players develop a healthy curiosity about the Universe and Space!
  • 🌞 [FUN] - Fast games of Explore and Match, ensure no one can dominate until the last card is played. Sharpen your knowledge of Space while challenging your opponents in burst races of memory and speed.
  • 🌟 [Exercise your Trivia Brain] - How much do you really know or remember about SPACE? Qurious SPIN is designed to give everyone an equal chance to win. Play against yourself or up to 17 opponents to see who will crowned the ultimate winner.
  • 🌙 [Expand Your Knowledge] - Qurious Quiz - Challenge yourself and others about astronomy, space exploration, the scientific origins of our universe.
  • 🚀 [Take It Everywhere!] - Qurious packs hours of fun into a durable and compact collector's tin. Play everywhere, and never worry about losing cards or making a mess! Ideal for work, camping, pool, beach, long car rides, vacation. Stackable, lightweight and easy to store for school and/or camp.