out of stock Pillar of Fire - A Television History of Israel's Rebirth - 3 DVD set

out of stock Pillar of Fire - A Television History of Israel's Rebirth - 3 DVD set

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The incredible story of Israel's rebirth - this landmark series is the masterpiece of Israeli documentaries and the crowning achievement of Israeli television
This seven part documentary series portrays:
- The Jewish people's return to the promised land
- The Jewish-Arab struggle for Palestine
- Persecution of Jews in Europe
- The war of independence
- The creation of the state of Israel
Pillar of Fire relates the drama of the Jewish people's return to Zion and the establishment of the state of Israel.
It is an extensive documentary production that feature rare documentary footage collected from more than 30 archives
and private collections throughout the world, as well as many eye-witness interviews
For the first time, this abridged English version is being offered on DVD
Running Time: 7 Hours
Episode 1 The Jew Returns The Arab Awakens 1895-1920
Theodor Herzl strives for the creation of a Jewish state.
Episode 2 The Dream 1914-1929
The Halutzim (pioneers) who arrive in Palestine in the early 1920s build upon the utopian ideas of kibbutzim and cooperative settlements.
Episode 3 The Rise and Fall of German Jews 1919-1937
The rise to power of Hitler and thousands of Jews immigrate to Palestine.
Episode 4 Who's Afraid of a Jewish State? 1937-1939
The British Chamberlain Government abolishes the Partition Plan and issues an anti-Zionist White Paper.
Episode 5 Holocaust 1939-1945
Thousands of Palestinian Jews volunteer to serve in the British army.
Episode 6 Exodus 1945-1947
Jewish underground organizations unite in an armed struggle against British Mandate power.
Episode 7 A Nation Reborn 1947-1948
The Jews lift the siege of Jerusalem.