OUT OF STOCK Our Family Haggadah By The Asher Family Spiral-bound

OUT OF STOCK Our Family Haggadah By The Asher Family Spiral-bound

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Product Description

This Haggadah is truly a work of art! The colorful graphics are wonderful. It contains the perfect amount of information for a multi-generational Seder. The language is easy to read, easy to understand, and I loved that is is gender-neutral. The overall tone is so warm and energetic. If you like to sing, guitar chords are even included in the songs! I would highly recommend this Haggadah for families with adults and children of all ages. --Stephen Johnson

Our Family Haggadah is very inspiring for all ages. Fun, friendly, and family.. giving the knowledge to the spirit of Judaism in a perfect form. The illustrations are fun and original. Our Family Haggadah will be passed down for generations in hopes to give the true spirt and knowledge of The Passover. Its a must read! --Pascal Bensimon

How is Our Family Haggadah different from all other Haggadot? 
This Haggadah is as clear and welcoming as the children's art! It is a simple, user-friendly, interactive telling of the Story of the Exodus, without commentary or explanation. It welcomes children, first- time Seder participants, interfaith families, parents and grandparents to experience the Passover seder in a way that engages everyone with song and story. 
It will create lasting memories. Our Family Haggadah will be Your family Haggadah.