Original Orthopedic Anti-Fatigue Mat "ThatMat" 2 sizes available

Original Orthopedic Anti-Fatigue Mat "ThatMat" 2 sizes available

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Product Description

Whoever said that standing has to be so uncomfortable?
ThatMat� is an orthopedic anti-fatigue mat, recommended by medical professionals and designed to alleviate the aches commonly associated with standing for long periods. It provides maximum relief for those who suffer from lower leg and back pain, varicose veins or heel spurs. Made from high grade virgin nitrile rubber, it is lightweight and the most durable mat on the market. Whether standing during davening on the Yomim Noraim or while peeling potatoes for Pesach - ThatMat� is the mat for you.
Sleek black color with a precise beveled edge
Highest grade closed-cell virgin nitrile rubber
Tests 40% higher than any other sponge mat for non-slip traction
Can be cleaned with standard cleaners
Highest standard of durability
Helps ease pain due to spinal compression, back, leg and foot fatigue
Available in two sizes:
Regular - 13x18 or Large - 14x21
The quality and durability of our product is the reason why our competition can only imitate, but never duplicate....... ThatMat�
Get is as a present for you mother or grandmother or your rabbi or friend