Ohr Shabbat Candles Traditional Shabbos Lichter 3 Hour 72 Count 3.75" tall

Ohr Shabbat Candles Traditional Shabbos Lichter 3 Hour 72 Count 3.75" tall

Code: OHR-Cndl-72-3



Product Description

PREMIUM QUALITY: These elegant candles are made with high grade smooth wax that melts slowly with virtually no drip.
LONG LASTING: The classic candles have a tapered top design and a 3 hour burn time. The wick remains lit until the entire candle has melted.
MULTI PURPOSE: Perfect as a Judaica gift for hosts, for use in vigils, church and religious ceremonies, or to as emergency blackout candles.
PERFECT SIZE: These white candles will fit any standard size candlesticks and holders. They are 3.75" tall and .65" in diameter.


Ohr consistently delivers high quality, carefully crafted candles like no other, for any occasion at any location.

Kindle a flame easily and safely with our tightly woven wicks that catch the spark, unlike cheaper imitations that use up multiple matches and require re-lighting. With a steady, flicker-free flame, these Ohr Shabbat Candles melt slowly and evenly without leaving behind excess wax buildup on your treasured candlesticks. No more clogged candle holders! Our wicks remain lit until the entire wax candle has melted and are never doubled, ensuring maximum lighting time for each individual piece and no half-melted candles.


These classically designed candles burn for approximately 3 hours to last through your celebration while still allowing you to go to sleep at night without worries. Even those with sensitive nostrils can bask in the warm glow of these unscented tapers.

Illuminating your surroundings, these versatile candles are both beautiful and functional. Their myriad uses include:

- Shabbos & Yom Tov Candles
- Church, Vigils & other Religious Ceremonies
- Chanuka Menorah
- Weddings, Parties & Celebrations
- Restaurants & Cafes
- Yoga Studio or Spa
- Emergency Candles during Power Outages

Try our candles today and let Ohr light up your life!