Nehalel beShabbat A New Illustrated HEBREW-ENGLISH Siddur

Nehalel beShabbat A New Illustrated HEBREW-ENGLISH Siddur

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A new, fully traditional, Hebrew & English siddur, in which photographs give focus to the meanings of tefilah - a siddur for praying with.
From the creators of Nevarech, the groundbreaking bencher in which photographs direct you to the meanings of prayers: Nehalel beShabbat, a complete siddur for Shabbat
Nehalel beShabbat is the full Shabbat siddur in the new Nehalel series, created by Nevarech. Modeled on the vastly popular Nevarech bencher, Nehalel brings its groundbreaking format to the complete siddur - waking us up to the contents of our prayers by juxtaposing stunning photos portraying their meanings.
The wholly traditional, beautifully set Hebrew text is superbly readable, and laden with clear symbols for kamatz katan, sheva na, stressed syllable and more. Its new English translation by Michael Haruni, while devotedly faithful to the Hebrew, reveals the tefilah as elegant and vividly contemporary.
Available as softcover paperback edition $23.95