Morah, Morah,Teach Me Torah! - Multimedia Approach to Learning Parsha

Morah, Morah,Teach Me Torah! - Multimedia Approach to Learning Parsha

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Tobey Greenberg has been a Jewish early childhood educator for over twenty-three years. Nechama Retting has been an early childhood educator and has taught for more than thirteen years. 

Working together at their preschool, the authors participate in a very special Kabbalat Shabbat program. Each week Tobey and Nechama teach their students about the weekly Torah portion, and the children re-enact the parashah through drama, stories, songs, and activities. Tobey and Nechama decided to compile all of these stories into one book so that others could make the Torah an active part of their students' lives.

This exciting new resource has songs, plays, stories, and activities to make parashat ha-Shavua come alive in your pre-school classes. The goal of this book is to teach young children (and their families!) about each of these parashiyot through the use of drama, stories, music, crafts, science, math, language, and cooking. At the end of each parashah they have created family discussion pages with questions that can be sent home to parents. The questions are appropriate for Shabbat dinner discussions.

This is the consummate resource for bringing the weekly Torah portion alive for pre-school students.