Mizrach (East) BLUE - Silk Hand made Wall Hanging

Mizrach (East) BLUE - Silk Hand made Wall Hanging

Code: EM-SH-7



Product Description

Wall hangings are an interesting and unique addition to the walls of any room of your home, whether as a greeting in your entranceway or a piece of art for the walls of your living room or dining room.
This beautiful wall hanging is a rectangular shape with a menorah motif on a blue background. It features a seven-branched menorah with leaves growing from its base. �Mizrach� (East) is written on its stem, referring to its place in the Temple next to the Holy of Holies.
It is made of raw silk with applique embroidered onto its base to give the wall hanging more color and texture. Delicate and colorful beads hang from the bottom as well as on the ends of the hanging rod on the top.
Size: 12.5" X 18"