L'hatzliach B'ivrit Kala Gimmel Beginner Level Part 3 With English Instructions

L'hatzliach B'ivrit Kala Gimmel Beginner Level Part 3 With English Instructions

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The book 'To Succeed in Basic Hebrew - Gimmel' Accompanied by English Instructions - is intended for advanced students of Hebrew in elementary schools, junior high schools and universities in Israel and abroad

This book serves as a direct continuation of To Succeed in Basic Hebrew - 'Bet'. It includes a review of the material learned and methodical instruction of the language on a more advanced level.
The book contains thirteen lessons that expose the students to interesting reading passages, conversations, songs and expressions, as well as a large assortment of language exercises built up in a gradual manner from easier to more difficult. This all assits the student to recognize the syntax and lingual structures of the language.
In each chapter language structures are taught and thereafter there is a large assortment of language exercises.
The exercises are built up from small language units that are gradually expanded, accompanied by explanations and examples.
At the end of each chapter, texts called 'A bit of Judaism' are brought from Jewish Tradition such as Tefilin, Honoring one's parents, Bar-Mitzvah, Mezuza, Siddur and Machzor.
The numerous drawings and illustrations in the book make learning Hebrew more interesting and visual; they arouse motivation in the students and bring them enjoyment.
The lingual subjects and the instructions have been translated into English.
This translation is essential for English speakers at their onset acquiring the new language