Let's Go Free with Miri & Tzvi Children's Passover Haggadah By Devorah Benedict

Let's Go Free with Miri & Tzvi Children's Passover Haggadah By Devorah Benedict

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Product Description

With Illustrations Based On Torah, Midrash And Commentries That Help Children Experience The Journey From Slavery To Redemption


Join Miri and Tzvi for an up-close look at the trials and miracles experienced by our forefathers in Egypt. Forty-eight full-color illustrations, drawn according to the Torah, Midrash, and their commentaries, come together with the beautifully arranged, fully translated Haggadah text to bring alive the story of yetzias Mitzrayim. Complete with annotated sources and a fun “hiding” chameleon, this Haggadah keeps children involved Seder night from Kadeish until Chad Gadya — and makes them feel as if they themselves are going out of Egypt! Passover is unique in its emphasis on making a meaningful and lasting impression on the young. All the outstanding events detailed in the Haggadah – slavery in Egypt, the plagues, the exodus, splitting the sea, and much more – are meant to be taught to the young in a way they can relate to. Let’s Go Free with Miri and Tzvi is a children’s Haggadah designed with this purpose in mind! With lively illustrations, great graphic storytelling, the complete Haggadah text – all seen through the eyes of two youngsters observing the events as they unfold – will give young readers an exciting chance to be swept up in those events as well. All the illustrations are based on Torah, Midrash, and commentaries, and detailed source material appears at the back of the text. Let’s Go Free with Miri and Tzvi will keep children up and involved all Seder night as it provides them with an incredible learning experience.