Jinja's Israeli Safari A Children's Video 40 minutes DVD

Jinja's Israeli Safari A Children's Video 40 minutes DVD

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This children's film introduces young viewers to Tel Aviv's Safari Park through the eyes of Jinja, a young lion cub who lives within the park. Children will learn fascinating facts about the animals that inhabit the park. While they tour the park, children will learn the words to several easy-to-follow Hebrew songs. Actual footage is combined with animation to hold the attention of younger viewers.

Jinja, Israel's most lovable lion cub, takes us on an exciting trip through Tel Aviv's Safari Park, introducing us to new songs along the way. Did you know that swans mate for life? ...that baby elephants can drink milk from a bottle? ...that orangutans are highly intelligent, yet love to clown around? Factual stories about the animals who live in the park are set to the background of easy-to-learn Hebrew children's songs. Live footage with charming animation will surely make this unique video a favorite with kids from 1-120!!!

Honors Award Winner, Nat'l Parenting Publications

40 min., #835, Color, DVD, $19.95