Ivrit BiShenayim (Rama Bet) - Hebrew: Take 2 (Level 2) By Dalia Roth-Gavison, Dana Spektor

Ivrit BiShenayim (Rama Bet) - Hebrew: Take 2 (Level 2) By Dalia Roth-Gavison, Dana Spektor

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עברית בשניים - מאת דליה רוט-גביזון, דנה ספקטור - הוצאת מאגנס

Ivrit bi-shenayim lemidah be-dagesh rav-tarbuti
The book Hebrew: Take 2, for Level II, grew out of the need for instructional material that reflects Israeli society with its cultural heterogeneity, using narrative characters to express the texture of everyday life in today’s IsraelThe book has ten chapters dealing with various topics, such as the status of women, ecology, landscapes, the home, education, language and more. The student learns about the Israeli experience while acquiring the language and increasing proficiency in its use. Topics range from light to heavy in terms of difficulty (vocabulary, syntactic structures, etc.) and in terms of textual complexityEach chapter ends with a story chosen to reflect on the subject matter of the chapter and according to the linguistic topics studied in it. At the end of each chapter, various reinforcement exercises are introduced to implement the subjects studied, to deepen knowledge and to enrich the students’ experienceAt the end of the book is a glossary for each chapter, accompanied by Arabic and English translations

Dana Spector and Dalia Roth are senior instructors in the Hebrew Language Unit of the Rothberg International School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They have previously collaborated in teaching and formulating an audio-learning program for intermediate level students.