Holidays by Michal Meron: Chanukah - Framed Jewish Art

Holidays by Michal Meron: Chanukah - Framed Jewish Art

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Product Description

"Channukah, the festival of lights, is depicted in this richly-colored tableau by artist Michal Meron
Influenced by the mystical wisdom of the Kabbalah and from sacred texts such as the Torah and the Talmud, Meron has recreated the spirit of Channukah in this charming framed print
Part of a series of works
Made in Israel
Dimensions: 17 x 17 inches (Framed)
Michal Meron, one of Israel's leading Judaica artists, was commissioned to create pictures that capture the spirit and excitement of the major Jewish Festivals and Holy Days
Her paintings are in the 'naive' tradition, full of action, exuberant life, color and interest
They combine artistry of a very high standard with educational merit, illuminating aspects of the origins, traditions and contemporary celebration of the chosen days
The reproductions are printed in full color offset lithography with a final inlay of gold foil
The artist's signature is included in each image
The reproductions are published as open editions"