Hill 24 Doesn't Answer Givat 24 Eina Ona DVD Israeli Film English Black & White

Hill 24 Doesn't Answer Givat 24 Eina Ona DVD Israeli Film English Black & White

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101 min., B&W, 1955, English language

Four young Zionists are assigned to defend strategic Hill 24 outside Jerusalem, in order to maintain access to the besieged city during Israel's War of Independence.  Through the diverse personal stories of the defenders, we gain a critical perspective on the birth of Israel and those who risked their lives to insure the State's survival.  With Edward Mulhare, Haya Hararit, Michael Shillo and Michael Wager. Directed by Thorold Dickinson.

Best Actress Award, Haya Hararit, Cannes Film Festival.

"This first major success of the young Israeli cinema is superbly directed."-Georges SadoulHill 24 Doesn't Answer was the first Israeli film created for international distribution and was an official selection at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival
Its story of four disparate soldiers (including one woman) bravely defending a crucial position outside of Jerusalem during the 1948 War of Independence is a classic example of the uses of cinema for projecting national identity
The film portrays how an Irishman (Edward Mulhare, better known as Devon Miles in the 1980s tv-series 'Knight Rider'), an American (Michael Wager),
a Sabra (Michael Shilo) and a Yemenite (Haya Hararit, who won Best Actress at Cannes)
came both to be in Israel and at that fateful outpost.
This was a film created to portray a heroic Israel for foreign consumption,
coming only a decade after newsreel footage of liberated concentration camps were the dominant cinematic image of Jews seen on international screens.
While at its Jerusalem World Premiere the New York Times reported that some Israelis [in the audience] questioned whether there was too much 'flag waving.'
That same paper's critic hailed the film as "an uncommonly forthright and absorbing tribute to largely unsung valor."