HaSifronim Sheli 3 - Hebrew Language Program -Set of 4 Booklets

HaSifronim Sheli 3 - Hebrew Language Program -Set of 4 Booklets

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Product Description


Unique features that have always made Hasifronim Sheli so successful: 

The material is taught through delightful, amusing, thought-provoking stories 
Dikduk and vocabulary are taught enjoyably in hte context of the stories
there are always a consistent, flowing continuity of review and teaching patterns from one level to the next, with new words and skills being added gradually, and old ones being repeated within each book and from level to level 
All material is presented in an incomplicated fashion. Even a teacher who is not an expert in the Hebrew language can readily secceed in teaching the material to her students. Simple Teachers' Guides are provided for each level
Hasifronim Sheli conforms to the highest standards of Chinuch, from its lovely illustrations through its stories' content, yet is never too "heavy", making it ideal for all kinds of students and all kinds of schools 
The program is hightly affordable 
Most importantly, it ensures students athe acquisition of fluency, comfort, and a love for Lashon HaKodesh